Unable to add a module with a custom role


While trying to add a module with a custom role and it has edit permissions, the user is not able to add any modules.






You need to assign the appropriate permissions for your custom role to deploy (add) a module to a page, this is done by using the Admin Extensions module:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Extensions
  2. Expand the modules section
  3. Click the Edit button next to the required module.
  4. From the module configuration tabs, go to Site Settings.
    In the Can Deploy column, set the permissions for each role/username as follows:
    •  Permission Granted: It means the role has been granted with permission to deploy this module.
    •  Not specified: This role/user is not able to deploy the module unless they belong to another role that has been granted with permission.
    •  Permission Denied: This role/user is unable to deploy the module, regardless of whether they belong to another role that has been granted with permissions.
  5. Check the Can Deploy box for your custom role.
  6. Click the Save & Close button.
  7. You need to repeat these steps for any modules that require


You can test that the custom role has sufficient permissions to add a module with the custom role by:

  1. Log into a user with a custom role.
  2. Go into edit mode for a page.
  3. Click add module.

You should be able to add the module you have provided permissions to for the custom role.




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