Finding your Microservices Tenant ID


In the course of troubleshooting issues with Microservices (analytics, forms, and structured content,) DNN Support may ask you for your Microservices Tenant ID. The following steps will show you how to find it. 

The Microservices Tenant ID is the unique key to access all your data if you were to move your site to a different server, so we recommend that you keep a copy of it to address issues where your previous content may not show after enabling Microservices.

NOTE: These steps are intended for those using DNN 9.0+ as microservices were not available in prior versions. 


Requirements: Admin access to the DNN instance. 

The following steps are for versions 9.2 and above. For versions 9.0 - 9.2, the path is Persona Bar > Settings > Site Settings > More. 

1. Log in to your DNN instance. 

2. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Services.


3. On the following services page, you will see your Services Tenant Group IDClick on the clipboard icon to copy it and then paste as needed. 



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    TP Singh

    HI Team,


    Please let us know, where this tenant ID will be stored in backend, which file or DB..?

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