Installing Telerik in DNN version 9.0+


Telerik was removed from clean installations of DNN 9.0 and above due to a number of reasons. However, customers may need to install it on a DNN 9.0+ instance in order for dependent modules and extensions to run properly. 


Requirements: IIS access, DNN root folder access, admin access to DNN. 

  1. Download the attached Telerik Package (Patched DLL) -
  2. With your admin account, login to your DNN instance.
  3. Install the Telerik Package (HotFix) by following the Third party extension installation knowledgebase article. 
  4. Download the attached file. 
  5. Unzip the fileYou should have the following file after the unzip process is completed: 

    - DotNetNuke.Web.Deprecated.dll
  6. Copy the unzipped file into the <WebsiteRootDirectory>/bin directory of your server.
  7. Validate that Telerik is now running by checking the dependent modules and extensions. If successful, they should all be working as intended. 




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