Unlinking Google Analytics Account from Evoq


In Evoq 9.0 and higher, DNN's Analytics feature provides detailed page metrics and visualizations in context with the page the user is visiting. This feature uses data from a customer’s Google Analytics instance and is available in particular versions of Evoq products.

Site administrators may want to stop the integration, for any reason like the discontinuation of the site or wrong account being set, for example.  

Step by Step

Follow these steps to unlink the Google Analytics account from Evoq:

  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Connectors.
  2. Under Configure Connectionslocate Google Analytics row and click Edit button.  
  3. Click on the Unlock icon, that shows a tooltip "Unlink Google Analytics Integration".
  4. Once clicked, it asks confirmation that you want to unlink Google Analytics from your site.
    • Click the Delete button to confirm.

The system will then remove the authorization between the Evoq Analytics service and Google Analytics, and you will not be able to use the Analytics reports in Evoq until the connection is re-established.

Content Author: Radu Vaduva



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