No access to the web portal after changing the DNN Portal Name


A customer changed the DNN Portal name and now they have no access to the web portal. 

When they try to access to a DNN page they get an HTTP 404 error

Root Cause 

When changing the portal name, the customer should also change the Alias name; if they don't do it, the portal will become inaccessible. 


  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio application.  
  2. Connect to the DNN Database
  3. Run the following Query to confirm that the alias name was not updated.  

    select * from portalalias where name like '%<oldportalname>%'
    • Replace <oldportalname> with the old DNN Portal name. 
  4. If the query in step 3 has no output, open a ticket with support. If it does have output, go to Step 5
  5. Run the following Query.

    update portalalias set name='<newportalname>' where name='<oldportalname>'
    • Replace <newportalname> with the new portal name. 
    • Replace <oldportalname> with the old portal name. 
  6. Recycle the IIS application pool
  7. You will now have access to the DNN portal




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