Activity Stream module showing "Anonymous" user


A particular user is showing as "Anonymous" in all Activity Stream messages and notifications. Previously, their username was shown as normal. 



This is likely due to that user account being soft-deleted at some point. In a soft-deleted status, all activities will show as being from "Anonymous."


Requirements: Admin access.

Follow the steps to restore the user and then validate that their username is showing up correctly in the Activity Stream. 


You can also do it from the DataBase with the following queries:

  1. Grab the UserID for that user 
    SELECT UserID FROM Users WHERE Username = "UserNAme"
  2. Update the IsDeleted field with "0" 
    UPDATE Users SET IsDeleted = 0 WHERE UserID ="UserId"

Alternatively, this user may be unauthenticated, you may need to check the roles and permissions for that particular user to make sure they have permissions to post in the Activity feed.


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