Disabling Microservices


Occasionally we will have an on-premise (self-hosted) DNN customer ask us for the steps to disable Microservices. There are many reasons they may need to do this, including but not limited to:

  • Instance doesn't have an outward facing internet connection so Microservices are unable to connect to the DNN API, causing login and platform issues.
  • Microservices are responding very slowly or not responding at all (browser reports HTTP 404 or HTTP 401 error messages), which requires a disabling and enabling of Microservices to refresh the Authorization Token.

To see if Microservices are currently enabled, the customer can go to Persona Bar > Settings > Services.


When troubleshooting Microservices issues, it is important to have a copy of the instance's Tenant ID to make sure access to historic content is not lost.


Requirements: SQL access to the server that DNN resides on. 

NOTE: As with all database queries, it's important to take a backup before executing. 

1. Download the DisableMicroservices.sql file attached here. 

2. Log in to SQL Server Management Studio.

3. In the left side Object Explorer, Double click on your server name and then Databases to expand. 

4. Find your DNN database and right-click to select New Query


5. Open the DisableMicroservices.sql file and paste the script into the middle query box, making sure to follow the directions in green at the top.

6. Press F5 to execute the query

7. Validate that Microservices have been disabled by logging in to your DNN instance and navigating to Persona Bar > Settings > Services. If successful, you will see the 'Enable' button next to each Microservice. If the Microservice still shows as Enabled, you might need to disable it on all portals.


8. Clear the server's cache and the browser's cache.

Author: Tony Lee, Juan Albuja

SQL script creator: Alexander Lunin





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