Unable to login due to webhead synchronization

Issue: The user is unable to log in to their system.

Environment: DNN

Root Cause: The server is trying to synchronize the cache with another webhead that is no longer reachable because of the site being set to public.

Additional Info: This is a common problem when references to old servers are still enabled under the WebServers table. In order to resolve this problem, we ended up clearing the table of all the additional entries (server no longer used) and restarted the application - so that it loads the new changes.


As with all delete/update activities, take a backup of the database whenever possible. 

1. Clear the tables of all the additional entries (server no longer used) with a query below.

Additional Info:

This query below will be deleting all the web server entries, and only the current ones will automatically be added back after the restart.

DELETE FROM Webservers

2. Restart the application.

Confirmation: When the site is back, the user will be able to login with no issues.

Content Author: Manuel Gonzales



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