Migrating a DNN license to another server


During migration from one server to a new server, an administrator will need to apply the same license which is already in use on the old server to the new production server. This article aims to provide guidance on a way to migrate the license without any downtime in service.





A license cannot be applied to both servers at the same time. To avoid downtime while the new server is not yet licensed, you can activate a production license as a development type for a brief amount of time while the license is not yet deleted from the old server and activated on the new one. 

  • You may need to modify your firewall settings to allow a query to the DNN licensing web service:

Note: Using a production license as a development type on a production instance is only allowed for a very short period of time and only in exceptional circumstances.

  1. In the new server, go to Persona Bar > Settings.


  2. Click > About. .
  3. Click Add License.


a. Select Development from the License Type drop-down list.

b. Enter Account Email in the corresponding text field.

c. Enter Invoice Number associated with your license in the corresponding text field.

d. Click Automatic Activation.


4. Perform DNS and other necessary changes to point to the new PROD server whenever you are ready for cut-over.

5. On the old server, click the Remove button against the license in question (production type) and confirm the removal.

6. On the new server, click Add License.

7. Select Production from the License Type drop-down list.

8. Fill up the Account Email in the corresponding text field.

9. Enter the Invoice Number associated with your license in the corresponding text field.

10. Click Automatic Activation.

11. Click Remove against the development license and confirm the removal.



Confirmation: The EXPIRES column should be updated with the correct expiration date for your valid production license, the production server is operational.



You should be able to confirm that the license has successfully been activated by:

  1. Access the new environment's license section in Persona Bar > Settings About.
  2. The license is displaying Active and you should be able to access administrative features in the Persona Bar.




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