Emptying Recycle Bin Manually When It Gets Stuck


This article provides the process to be followed to fix the customer issue of not being able to clear out the deleted items in the Recycle Bin.



DNN 9.1.1



SQL basics


Root Cause

Problems in the functionality of Recycle bin


  1. Make sure to create a full backup of your database before running the following queries:
    SELECT * FROM Users WHERE IsDeleted = 1
    SELECT * FROM Tabs WHERE IsDeleted = 1
  2. Confirm that the results are the ones you want to delete. Then run the following queries:
    DELETE FROM Users WHERE IsDeleted = 1
    DELETE FROM Tabs WHERE IsDeleted = 1
  3. Now clear the cache and check if anything is remaining in the recycle bin.

NOTE: Instead of using a Delete Script, stored procedures can also be used, instead of as DeleteTab and RemoveUser if you would like to delete them permanently. Run a SQL Profile trace to find out which stored procedures are run to make sure the user data is completely purged or just utilize the UI to remove entries.


Check the recycle bin. It will be empty now



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