Disabling Structured Content (Liquid Content)


If you want to disable the Structured Content (Liquid Content) microservice you need to do it via a SQL script. There is no option to disable it in the site UI.




  • You can manually disable the Structured Content from the database by running the SQL script by going into Settings > SQL Console. Please make a backup prior to making the change:
UPDATE PortalSettings
SET SettingValue = 'False'
WHERE SettingName = 'StructuredContentEnabled' AND PortalID = <insert_the_correct_PortalID_here>;
  • When you have multiple portals running in your DNN instance, you can check the correct portal ID by running the following script:
SELECT * FROM PortalAlias;
  • Please take note that the same SettingName "StructuredContentEnabled" can be found in the HostSettings table as well. This affects all portals in your DNN instance.
  • After disabling Structured Content, do the following:
    1. Go to your site's Persona Bar > Settings > Servers > Clear Cache and click on Restart Application
    2. Refresh the page.
    3. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Services > Structured Content and hit "Enable".
    4. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Content Library again and see if you are able to pull up both Content and Content Types tabs.



You can test that Liquid Content has been disabled by:

  1. Log in as a SuperUser
  2. Go to Content > Content Library
  3. You should be prompted to opt in to Liquid Content, this message is shown if Liquid Content is disabled.



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