Setting the HTML Editor to Open the Advanced Editor by Default


This article provides the steps to set the Advanced Editor as the default view when editing an HTML module. This workaround is used for users that would like to bypass the default inline editor to display the advanced editor only.






By default, DNN will open the standard HTML editor when clicking on an asset to modify:


Clicking on the advanced editor button will open it in a pop up:


Customers may, however, want to change this behavior to have the advanced editor open by default when clicking to modify an asset. 



  • This should work with the RadEditor and the CKEditor as it is the HTMLModule.ascx file that is being modified and not the specific provider files. 
  • Upgrading DNN will overwrite this modification, and the process will need to be redone.  


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  1. Go to your PortalRoot\DesktopModules\HTML folder and backup the original HtmlModule.ascx file located there.
  2. Download and extract the HtmlModule.rar folder.
  3. Copy and paste the HtmlModule.ascx file from the extracted folder into the PortalRoot\DesktopModules\HTML folder.


To test that this change has been successful:

  1. Log in to your DNN instance.
  2. Click the Edit Mode button in the lower left-hand corner.
  3. Validate the change by clicking an HTML module. If successful, you will see the advanced editor pop up rather than the inline editor.




If you receive errors after applying this fix, please check if popups are enabled for your site by going into Settings > SQL Console and running the query.

SELECT * FROM PortalSettings WHERE SettingName = 'EnablePopups'

Make sure Popups are enabled by updating the setting with the query below.

UPDATE PortalSettings SET SettingValue = 'True' WHERE SettingName = 'EnablePopups'


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    Eric Altvater

    I am noting here that despite setting the EnablePopups values to true for all portals, I still see a console error.  In the code, the EditUrl() method is still returning a regular URL without a wrapping javascript function.

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