Disabling site logging


The DNN customers may want to disable the site logging functionality. This functionality makes the product insert statistics to the table SiteLog on every user click. This feature can affect the portal performance, depending on how many simultaneous connections the site portals have. 

Product: DNN 8.4.1 and above.

Pre-requirementA host / Super user account. Hosts have full permissions to all sites in the DNN instance.

Step by Step

There is no option in the DNN User Interface to disable the portal logging. The feature is controlled by the Site Log History setting which corresponds to the number of days the logs should be retained. Updating it to 0 (zero) should disable the site logging.

Follow these steps to deactivate the functionality:

1. Go to the SQL Console:

  • For version 9.0 and above: follow the path Host > Advanced Settings > SQL
  • Before version 9.0: follow the path Control Bar > Host > Advanced Settings > SQL

2. Gather the ID for the portals for which it is required to reset the logging, by running the command
SELECT distinct portalid, portalname FROM portallocalization as below:

3. Execute the following command for each portal that should have logging reset:

UPDATE Portals set SiteLogHistory = 0 WHERE PortalID = <portal_id>;

4. Follow the standard procedure to Restart your Application, and monitor the creation of logs in the table SiteLog to confirm the change has taken effect. 

Content Author: Hamad Waqas



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