Setting an automatic page refresh in DNN 9.0+


With the switch from the Control Bar to the Persona Bar in version 9.0+, the ability to set an automatic refresh rate on a DNN page has been removed. 

The following steps will guide users in setting one up manually on a page. 

Requirements: SuperUser/Host access


1. Log in to your DNN instance with your SuperUser/Host account. 

2. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > SQL Console.


3. Run the following query to find the TabID of the page you would like to add the refresh to:

select * from tabs where tabname like '%PAGENAME%'
Note: replace PAGENAME in the query with the name of the page you want to modify but keep the leading and trailing percentage signs.
4. Take note of the TabName which will be the page name and use that to find the correct TabID:
5. Once you have the correct TabIDrun the following query:
UPDATE Tabs SET RefreshInterval = * WHERE Tabid = *
Note: Replace the first asterisk with the number of SECONDS you want the refresh rate to be and the second asterisk with the TabID from the previous query. 
6. The output of this query will be:
8. Validate that the change is in place by navigating to the modified page and monitoring for the automatic refresh. 



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