Identifying respective sections/modules for optimization

Overview: In building out your DNN site, you may notice performance issues with certain pages loading. Often, the cause of this slowness is certain modules. The following steps will guide you in identifying which modules are causing issues and provide you with some insight on how to optimize them for faster performance.


1. List all the pages you believe are taking to much time to load.

2. Create a list of modules on those pages by going to Page Settings > Advanced > Modules.

3. Create a new Blank page, load the page in the browser;

  • Navigate to developer console by going to customize> more tools > developer tools > network, and refresh the page and look at the first request in the network tab for TTFB(Time To First Byte).



4. Add each module from step-2 to this page and record loading time.

5. Perform above steps for each module until we identify the non-optimized module.

6. Once we have identified those modules, we need to make sure those modules are;

  1. Using indexing on the database tables consumed by those modules.
  2. Using Module Caching for further optimization.

7. If any of those modules are DNN Modules please create a ticket with support for further investigation.

8. If respective modules are third party or in-house developed modules please contact respective developers for insight and performance logs for those modules.

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Content Author: Hamid Waqas




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