Increasing the character limit for Copyright text


In DNN EVOQ, there is a 100 character limit for the copyright text that can be added to the footer of the site from Admin Panel > Site Settings > Site Info:


There may be certain situations where this limit needs to be increased (e.g. if you are using HTML to add a hyperlink to the copyright text.)

Requirements: SQL Server access, DNN admin access. 


1. Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on the appropriate Windows machine by clicking the Windows icon on the left-bottom corner of the screen and typing SSMS into the search bar.  


2. Enter the server credentials and click connect to establish a connection. 


3. In the left-hand side Object Explorer double-click on your server name.

4. Double-click on Databases to expand.

5. Find your DNN database and double-click to expand further. 

6. Double-click on Tables


7. Once the tables section expands, find dbo.PortalLocalization and double-click to expand.

8. Double-click the Columns folder to expand.

9. Right-click on FooterText and select Modify.


10. In the modify box that populates the middle of the screen, find FooterText in the Column Name and then click on nvarchar(100) to the right. 

11. Modify the (100) to change the character limit length (maximum is 500 characters) and then click the Save button. 


12. Validate the change by logging into your DNN instance, and adding a test copyright text that is more than 100 characters. Save and navigate to your page to see if the full copyright text is displayed in the footer. 



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