Editing the text displayed in the Registration Module

When adding the Registration Module to your DNN pages, it will come with predefined text that is shown above the required information fields.


This text isn't edited in the page UI like other assets so you will need to make the necessary changes via the admin panel. 

This guide is for DNN versions 9.0 and 9.1. There is currently a bug that prevents this from working in anything higher than 9.1.1 and the developers are working on a fix. 

Requirements: Admin/SuperUser/Host access.

NOTE: The resource you will be modifying depends on which type of User Registration you have selected from Settings > Security > Member Accounts. Step 4 will provide the information on selecting the correct resource. 


1. Login to your EVOQ instance and use the Persona Bar to select Settings > Site Settings.


2. On the Site Settings page click on Languages and then the Translate icon to the right of the admin cog. 


3. Click on the Resource File drop-down menu and then click on the arrow to the left of Global Resources to expand that section. Select GlobalResources.


4. Search for the Registration Module text with the search string "Membership". To validate that you have selected the correct resource, check the resource name against the following:

  • If you have your User Registration set to Private then modify PrivateMembership.Text
  • If you have your User Registration set to Public then modify  PublicMembership.Text
  • If you have your User Registration set to Verified then modify VerifiedMembership.Text


5. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the appropriate resource to open the editor.

6. Make the necessary changes to the text and click save.


8. Click on Save Translation


9. Validate the change by checking the Registration Module text at your DNN site. 




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