Your new password was not accepted for security reasons


When a user is trying to log in to DNN, the following error is displayed: Your new password was not accepted for security reasons. Please ensure the correct user name and answer were entered

An administrator performed a password reset; When the user tried to log in again, the same error was displayed. 





The user account is locked, too many unsuccessful login attempts were performed. 



  1. With your SuperUser/Admin account, log in to your DNN instance and use the Persona Bar to select Manage > Users.


  2. Type the user's name into the search bar and hit enter to pull up their account.
  3. Search for the Locked Out parameter. 

    • If the locked Out parameter is True, Unlock the user
    • If the locked Out parameter is False, you may need to look at the AspNetMembershipProvider in your web.config file to see if the password strength has been configured correctly.



To test that the error message has gone away is to log in with the same user once again.




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