Site fails to load CSS files

Issues: The article below is intended to describe multiple problems reported by the user related to CSS files.

Environment: DNN 8/9

Issue 1: The user created a new portal but it is unable to load the portal.css file into the page. This issue may cause a downtime for one minute.

Resolution: Restart the application pool. Please note: the user must have administrator rights.

1.Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Servers.


2. Click on Restart Application.



Confirmation: You can confirm if the process was successful by;

  • Check the dev tools in your browser and confirm if the portal.css file is now being loaded in the page.
  • Or It will also be visible right away with the style changes on that CSS file. 


Issue 2: Publish or Submit buttons are not appearing when the user sets up the pages for content approval, direct publishing or save draft. He is only able to see the "Close" Button.

Root Cause: Versioning page option is disabled.

Resolution: Enable Versioning page option to "ON".

Please note: The user must have administrator rights.

1.In DNN 8 go to Admin > Site Settings > Advanced Settings > Version Settings

2. Switch to  "ON".

3.In DNN 9 , go to Settings > Site Settings > SIte Behavior > More > Versioning


4. Switch to "ON".



Confirmation: You can confirm if the process was successful; if you see the Publish and history button when modifying the page. 

Content Author: Manuel Gonzales



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