Search is not working for Group Spaces Module


The search feature, within the Group Spaces module, is not working correctly. The auto-suggest feature does not return any result, and after pressing the search button, it does not do anything.


  1. Make sure all Search Crawlers jobs are active and working properly.
    1. Click on Persona Bar > Settings > Scheduler > Scheduler Tab
    2. Verify that "Search: Site crawler" is running and completing without any errors or issue, along with other Search Crawlers job.
      • You can validate that the job status is succeeded via Personabar > Settings > Scheduler > History tab
  2. Go to the Group Space module Settings, and verify if the Cache provider set. If it is, please change it to zero.
  3. Clear Browser's cache and Application's Cache.

 Confirmation: If you do a search, results will populate and the auto-suggest will return values related to your search. 

Content Author: Kiran Borole.



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