Running SQL Queries using the SQL Console


In this article, we will describe how to run SQL queries using the DNN SQL Console feature. 

The SQL Console feature allows an administrator to run SQL queries without having to use an external tool such as SSMS.  

Note: This is an advanced feature that could cause damage to the Database structure if not used properly; If you are not proficient in SQL, avoid using it.



  1. In DNN 9+, go to Persona bar -> Settings -> Site Settings -> SQL Console.
    In DNN 8 and below, go to Admin Bar -> Host -> Advanced Settings -> SQL

  2. Write the desired Query.
    In the example below the query used was "Select * from portals".

  3. Click on the Run Script button. The output will be displayed at the bottom of the page. 
  4. If you want to export the output, click on the Export button.

Note: It is not possible to run queries with variables (such as declaring a cursor) in the SQL Console.





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