Assigning a Security Role to all existing users


Audience: DNN Administrators.

A customer wants to learn how to use the feature to automatically assign a role to all the existing users in their site. Usually, there is a huge number of users to have access controlled and then notified of the changes, so it is not viable to manually perform this task. 

Step by Step

Environment: This solution is applicable to DNN versions 9.x and above, but the images below are specific to an environment version 8.x.

Please follow instructions below to perform the assignment of a Security role to all the existing users:

    1. Go to Admin > Security Roles.

    2. Add or edit a role.
      • To add a role: click on Add New Role button.

      • To edit a role: click/tap the pencil icon for the role you want to edit. 

    3. Configure the role, by filling the properties highlighted below:
      Field Description
      Public Role If checked, any authenticated user can subscribe or unsubscribe to the role through the View Profile module's Membership Services; otherwise, only administrators can manage user access to this role, unless the role includes an RSVP Code.
      Auto Assignment All registered users are automatically added to this role upon registration. When enabled, you get access to the additional property Assign to Existing Users

    4. Enable the flag Auto Assignment 
    5. Click the button Save/Update, so all existing users are automatically granted this role and advised of the change.  
    6. Validate with existing users who didn't have the role previously granted that they now have additional access enabled by the role, after reloading the graphical user interface in their browsers. 




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