Which Liquid Content events can be subscribed to with WebHooks?


What kinds of Liquid Content events can subscribers track using WebHooks?


The Liquid Content events that are currently available to subscribe to are:

  • For content items:
    • ContentItemPublished
    • ContentItemCreated
    • ContentItemUpdated
    • ContentItemDeleted
  • For content types:
    • ContentTypeCreated
    • ContentTypeUpdated
    • ContentTypeDeleted
  • For visualizers:
    • VisualizerCreated
    • VisualizerUpdated
    • VisualizerDeleted

To find the Liquid Content webhook details for a portal, users can execute the following query on their DNN database via SSMS or by logging in to the DNN instance and going to Persona Bar > Settings > SQL Console:

FROM structuredcontent_Library_hooksubscriptions
WHERE PortalID = [PortalID]
NOTE: Enter your DNN portal ID where indicated in the above query. 
The output will provide the Subscription ID and the Secret Key for the webhook. 


For more information about WebHooks, please see Microsoft's ASP.net WebHooks documentation.



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