Failed Portal Template import


A customer is importing a portal template in a new DNN site and only some of the pages are imported. 

Root Cause

The exported file has duplicate entries that prevent all records to be imported correctly. 


  1. Log in to the new DNN portal (where you imported the portal template). 
  2. Using the Persona bar, Go to Host > Portals
  3. Count the number of imported pages.
  4. Open the template file that you used for the import in a text editor, this is a flat XML file which can be opened in any text editor such as Notepad++
  5. Count the total number of <tab> elements in the file. 
    If you are using Notepad++: 
    • Go to Search -> Find 

    • Type <tab> in the "Find What:" box and click on "Find All in Current Document" 

      You will see the number of <tab> elements below the currently open document in a small "find result" window. 

    • If the number displayed is different from the one found in step 3, then there are duplicate entries and you need to go to step 6
      If the number is the same the import didn't fail. 
  6. Navigate to the first tab not imported. (If you found in step 3 that the number of pages imported was X, navigate to the tab X+1) 

    If you are using Notepad++
    • Go to Search -> Find 

    • Type (?s)(?:.*?<tab>){Y} in the "Find What:" box, tick the regular expression checkbox and click on Find next

      Y is the number found in step 3 plus one, so if you found in step 3 that the count was 308 you should type 309. 

      You will get a result like this: 

  7. Search for the same <tab> name in the document, for example, search for "<name>Test</name>"
  8. Remove all duplicate <tab> nodes from the file and save it. (every <tab> node must be present only once in the file) 
  9. Import the new file
  10. Execute steps 1-5 again to confirm that the new template file is correct and there are no other duplicates. 




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