Document Manager hides some file extensions


The customer is editing an HTML module and trying to create links to existing files in the portal file system.

In the "Rich Text Editor" view, they click the "Hyperlink Manager" button in order to create a link, but the "Document Manager" does not show all the files in the folder, as below image. Only a few extensions are shown, like .doc or .txt.



Document filters have been previously applied to the HTML Editor, which is now resulting in some extensions currently not appearing in documents list.

Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Insert the missing extensions in the property Allowable File Extensionsas described in the article Editing the list of allowable file types in EVOQ:


  2. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Site Settings > Site Behavior > More > Html Editor Manager and include the same missing extensions in Document Manager Settings.

  3. Add the following entry in the web.config (which is located in the application root folder), inside the <appSettings> section:
    <add key="Dnn.Telerik.Upload.AdditionalWhiteListExt" 
  4. Validate it is possible to create links using the newly included file extensions, by using the same original instructions that was generating the issue.

Content Author: Hamid Waqas



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