Setting a Publish Period for an asset in DNN 9.0+


Content or site managers may want to establish a length of time for an asset to be published and viewable on a DNN page (i.e. a banner during a promotional period.) After this time-frame has passed, the asset will no longer be available to end-users.

Note: In versions prior to 9.0 this was done via the Digital Asset Management (DAM) module.

Requirement: SuperUser/Host or admin access.


1. Log in to your DNN instance with SuperUser/Host or admin credentials. 

2. Go to Content > Assets.


3. Click through your DNN folders to find the appropriate asset you would like to set up the Publish Period for.

4. Place your mouse cursor over the asset and click on the edit icon.


5. Click the button to the right of Publish Period to turn on the feature.

6. Enterstart date and end date for the period. 

  • Note: This can be set so that an asset is moved to published status on a future date. 

7. Click save


8. If you have set the publication to a future date, the change can be validated by observing a lock icon over the asset. 





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