Console Modules missing after Upgrade to 9.1.1


Environment: DNN 9.1.1

All the Console modules are removed after DNN upgrade to version 9.1.1, making the users unable to access the Dashboard.

This problem has been acknowledged as a bug by DNN development:


There are 2 possible solutions for this issue:

  • Download and install DNN 9.2, which already has the fix for this issue


  • Install the patch fix for DNN 9.1.1, to avoid having the modules removed, following the steps below:
    1. Take a backup of the current library at <DNN folder>/bin/DotNetNuke.dll
    2. Extract the new dll from attached ZIP file
    3. Replace the current dll by extracted DotNetNuke.dll in the same /bin folder
    4. Run the update by navigating to the page: install/install.aspx?mode=upgrade
    5. When upgrade successfully finishes, replace the <DNN folder>/bin/DotNetNuke.dll with the backup copy made in step #1




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