Reporting on user's access from DNN database


A customer may want to know where to look for information to check specific users' activity using the database information to find which users accessed which portal pages on which dates. 


Please note that the LastActivityDate updates for activity such as when a user logs in to the site but it does not update when a user visits a page. You can run the bewlo SQL query to know which portal a user logged in to, the time they logged in, the page they logged into and more. 

Go to  Control Bar > Host > Advanced Settings > SQL, connected as a SuperUser account and run the following query

SELECT distinct ED.EventDate, U.DisplayName, U.Email, PL.PortalName, Tabs.TabName , 
U.LastIPAddress, aspnet_Membership.LastLoginDate,
FROM (((((((Users U INNER JOIN aspnet_Users ON U.Username = aspnet_Users.Username)
  INNER JOIN aspnet_Membership ON aspnet_Users.UserId = aspnet_Membership.UserId)
  INNER JOIN Analytics_EventData ED ON ED.UserId = U.UserId)
 INNER JOIN PortalLocalization PL ON ED.PortalID = PL.PortalID)
INNER JOIN Tabs ON Tabs.TabID = ED.TabId)
  INNER JOIN UserRoles ON U.UserID = UserRoles.UserID)
  INNER JOIN Roles ON UserRoles.RoleID = Roles.RoleID)
order by ED.EventDate desc


However, to get detailed page metrics and visualizations in context with the page a user is visiting, you can use the Analytics feature. Kindly follow the steps outlined in the Integrating Google Analytics and Evoq Analytics article to set this up.



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