Granting SuperUser permission via SQL Server


In DNN, there is a clear distinction between the role types Admin and SuperUser/Host

Whenever a portal is created, an Admin is automatically created to manage that specific website. Admin users have the ability to create new users (including other Admins,) create new web pages, alter permissions for various accounts, and use modules and skins.

SuperUsers (otherwise known as Hosts) have all the rights of Admins but also the ability to manage multiple websites in the DNN installation. They can create new portals and templates, install new skins/modules, access the SQL Server, and impersonate users for testing purposes on any of the portals within that installation of DNN.  

If you are locked out of your DNN SuperUser account, it may be necessary to temporarily promote another user to the SuperUser status to gain access. This will need to be done outside of DNN via the SQL Server that the installation resides on.

Requirements: Access to the SQL Server that DNN resides on and knowledge of how to run queries in that environment. 

NOTE: As with all SQL queries, you should practice caution and take a full backup before executing. 


1. Open the program you use to manage your SQL server and navigate to your DNN database.  

2. Execute the following query:

update users set issuperuser=1 where username='USERNAME_GOES_HERE'

3. The output of the query will be:

(1 Row Affected)

4. Log in to your EVOQ instance with the user account you granted permissions to.

5. In your Persona Bar, go to Manage > Users.


6. Find the user account you are logged in as and click the three dot iconVerify you have been granted SuperUser permissions by looking for the option Make Regular User.




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