Increasing max threads for DNN Scheduler via IIS


Increasing the max threads of your DNN Scheduler will allow the system to run more than one task concurrently. This can be helpful if you have time-intensive tasks but need to ensure that other tasks run during the process. 

Version: DNN 9.0+


  • Access to the DNN server files/IIS access.
  • SuperUser/Host access to DNN. 

NOTE: The changes made here will trigger an application restart so it's best to perform this outside of normal business hours. 

It is always advisable to take a backup of any system files before making changes. 


1. Start your IIS Manager within your operating system environment.

2. In the Connections menu, Click the arrow to the left of your server name and then the arrow to the left of Sites.

3. Right click on the name of your DNN instance and select Explore.


4. In the folder that pops up, double-click web.config to open it in notepad. 

5. Use Ctrl+F to search for "MaxThreads"

6. The code snippet to make change to is:

<add name="DNNScheduler" type="DotNetNuke.Services.Scheduling.DNNScheduler, DotNetNuke" providerPath="~\Providers\SchedulingProviders\DNNScheduler\" debug="false" maxThreads="1" delayAtAppStart="60" />

7. Change the 1 in maxThreads="1" to the value of threads that you require.

8. Save the web.config file. This will trigger an application restart. 

9. Log in to your DNN instance with a SuperUser/Admin account and go to Settings > Scheduler


10. Validate your changes by looking at the Max Thread count in the scheduler properties area.





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    Is there a recommendation for this value?

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