How to apply a site level container on version 9.1.1+


A customer may have installed a container at a site level, but can't apply it to a page after upgrading to DNN 9.1.1+

  • When the customer search for the UI option on the Page level (Page > Settings > Advanced > Appearance) and try to select the container from the local (site level) containers, the option is not there.
  • When the customer tries to do the same on the Global level for Pages, the option is available for selecting the Page container from the Global containers.
  • When the customer tries to apply the container on a module level, the option is available by going to Module > Settings > Module Container


DNN 9.1.1+ 

Root cause

This feature is not supported in 9.1.1 or later versions through the UI, you can't apply site level containers to pages using the UI.  


You can force the system on a Database level to use the container on a particular page (tab), in order to do that, follow these instructions: 

  1. Back up the site and database.
  2. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > SQL Console.
  3. Find the identifier (TabID) of the page.
    1. Run the following SQL script:
      SELECT TabID FROM tabs
      WHERE TabName = '@NameOfPage'
      where @NameOfPage is the name of the page.
      Note: You will need the TabID returned by the query in the following steps.
  4. Update the container associated with the page. 
    1. Run the following SQL script:
      update tabs set ContainerSrc = '[L]containers/<@theme_name>/<@container_name>.ascx' where TabID = '@tab_id'
      • @theme_name is the theme of the container.
      • @container_name is the name of the container.
      • @tab_id is the tab_if found in step 3. 

        Note: [L] indicates that the system will be looking for that file on the portal level, it won't try to look for the respective file on the global level.
  5. Access the page and confirm that the container was applied successfully. 

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