Editing Infinity Friendly URLs in EVOQ version 9.0 and above


In earlier versions (pre 9.0) of EVOQ, friendly URLs were added via Host Settings > Advanced. If you have recently upgraded and need to edit your friendly URLs or if you are just starting on version 9.0 or above and need to set them up, follow the instructions below. 

Requirements: SuperUser/Host access. 


1. With your SuperUser/Admin account, login to your EVOQ instance and use the Persona Bar to select Settings > Config Manager.


2. On the Configuration Manager page that opens up, use the drop-down to select SiteUrls.config.


3. Make the necessary changes to the config file and click on Save Changes

4. Using your Persona Bar go to Settings > ServersClick on Clear Cache and then Restart Application

5. Validate the changes by navigating to a modified URL and observing if the edits have been saved correctly. 



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