Users accounts receives unauthorization

Issue: A clients having issues with user accounts getting unauthorized.

Environment:Evoq Content Basic, Version 8.03.00.

Resolution 1:

1.1: Log in as a SuperUser.

1.2: Go to either DNN > Persona Bar > SQL Console

1.3: Or Go to SQL Server Management Studio

1.4: Run the SQL query below to get the results (adjust the username for each other user you need).


1.5: Retrieve the results for the LastModifiedByUserID (this will show who took the action against the user above).

1.6. Obtain the number(s) shown and run the following query to identify the user:

  • For a single ID found:


  • For multiple IDs found:


1.7: Replace _ID_ and/or ID1, ID2, ID3, etc. with the actual ID from the first query results.


2.1: Run the single script (in the same directory mentioned above)where you would only need to modify the user you want to get the details on (the user that was modified/unauthorized).

2.2: Add the USERNAME twice in the script.


2.3: In both options, success confirmation will be received from a client via email.




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