Changing the frequency of email notifications in EVOQ


If you would like to change the timing of when a user receives an email notification, the following steps will guide you in changing the frequency of these email notifications. By default, there is a delay in which these users receive these emails and you can configure these settings per user or use a script to change them for all users.



1. Log in to your DNN site as a SuperUser or Admin. 

2. Click on your username on the top site banner and select Edit Account.


3. In your account settings, click on the communications tab.

4. Click on the down-arrow icon to the right of Email Delivery Schedule.

5. Use the Notification Digest Frequency and Message Digest Frequency drop-downs to select the appropriate settings. 


6. Click on Save to finalize the changes. 


Alternative SQL Solution

Alternatively, if you do not want to go through every user one by one to apply these frequency changes, you can also run the attached ChangeEmailFrequencyForAllUsers.sql script file and run the SQL script through the SQL console.

To successfully run the script, you must modify the following input fields:

DECLARE @PortalID AS INT=0 /*Set PortalID*/ - This field will specify which Portal you would like to apply the frequency changes to. You can find the PortalID by browsing to Persona Bar > Manage > Sites > List View
DECLARE @MessagesEmailFrequency AS INT=0 /*Set Frequency*/ 
DECLARE @NotificationsEmailFrequency AS INT=0 /*Set Frequency*/
The two values above control the frequency settings for each user. MessagesEmailFrequency is for personal messages between users and NotificationsEmailFrequency is for email notifications for site actions. The frequency settings are as follows:
  • 0 = Instant
  • 1 = Daily
  • 2 = Hourly
  • 3 = Weekly
  • 4 = Never


To test that these changes have been successful:

  1. Log into a user with Content Editor permissions.
  2. Publish a change on a page.
  3. Log into a user with Administrator or Content Manager permissions and have applied the changes above for this user.
  4. The user should receive a notification based on the frequency you have applied for them.



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    Luckas San Martín

    Hi! The interface shown in the screenshots is outdated. The current route in DNN 9.6.1 is to click on the username at the top > My account > Communications.

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