Unable to change Site Analytics


A customer using Evoq v9.1.1 is trying to change the site analytics.config file, to support Google Analytics Universal script. The Evoq application keeps overriding the changes and returning the file to its default state.


The Evoq.GoogleAnalyticsConnector.dll component is designed to check on Application Pool start for the state of the config file. This issue has been detected in Evoq v9.1.1.


Overwriting the Evoq.GoogleAnalyticsConnector.dll with a modified version will allow the SiteAnalytics.config file to be edited for customization.

Caveat: The current patch has been designed for Evoq v9.1.1, and should only be applied to Evoq v9.1.1.

NOTE: To maintain best practices it is always recommended to backup config files before applying changes.


  1. Create a backup of the original .dll file located in the following path: [YourSite]\bin\Evoq.GoogleAnalyticsConnector.dll. 
  2. Copy/Replace the current .dll file with the patch provided.
  3. Restart Application Pool for changes to take effect.
  4. Test making changes to the SiteAnalytics.config file.


Content Author:Ruben Gustavo Gonzalez Gonzalez




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