Page ordering changes when editing page settings


When the user changes any setting in the Page Settings and saves the changed, the sort order of pages is changed. This article details how to keep the order of the pages after a change has been made.



  • Version Platform/Evoq 9.1.1 or lower.



This is a known bug in DNN version 9.1.1.



To permanently address the issue, upgrade to DNN version 9.2, which fixes this bug.

As a temporary solution prior to the upgrade, follow this process to apply a patch:

  1. Download the attached DLL.
  2. Go to the /bin folder of your site.
  3. Move the old Dnn.PersonaBar.Pages.dll to a folder outside the installation (as a backup).
  4. Copy the new downloaded DLL into the /bin folder.
  5. This will cause the Application Pool to restart.
  6. When the site comes back up, test to make sure the issue has been fixed.



To confirm that this issue has been resolved:

  1. Go to any page and access the page settings.
  2. Make a change such as changing the page name.
  3. Click Save
  4. You should see that the page does not move to the bottom of the page list after saving.




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