Purged Items still show.


User deleted some content items and now all Content types in Content Library shows as 0. However, on the FrontEnd, the "deleted content" still shows in a visualizer list.

 User cleared host cache but it did not fix the issue.

After that, the user imported new items which are displayed in the Content Library, but instead of the new items displaying on the front end, the old deleted items were still showing, if you click into any of those ("the old deleted items") it redirects to a broken link.



The user had a pending hook subscription*, we have to manually deactivate the subscription to micro-services and re-enable them.

* In order to check for this pending hook subscription you can run this query:

select * from StructuredContent_Library_PendingHookSubscriptions

Workaround (In case the solution does not work)

As a workaround, you can selectively clear cache for respective visualizer module in StructuredContent_Visualizers_RenderResult  

delete StructuredContent_Visualizers_RenderResult where ModuleId = 542 
delete StructuredContent_Visualizers_RenderResult where ModuleId = 630

Above queries cleared cached results for respective modules on respective pages.

*ModuleId depends on the customer.


Is cache copy deleted if we are working directly with api to delete content items, and not using the Evoq Content UI to delete items?

We have designed web-hooks to achieve this, once you delete an item from your library, a message for web-hook endpoint is put into service bus, though it's not instant, it acts like a notification service which notifies all subscribers of the event and change. please see following PoC diagram for reference. 

StructuredContent_Library_PendingHookSubscriptions and StructuredContent_Library_HookSubscriptions hold web-hook integration details.

If the user wants to delete all content items and re-import them, after deleting all content items, is there are a special process that should be followed to confirm all items are truly purged from the system (DB, dnn cache, visualizer cache, etc.)?

Though this update/change should be rolled out by web-hook notifications to all subscribers.
But if you are deleting everything and just want to be sure you can truncate:


Truncating this table will not cause any issues with your system, it will just remove all cached Items and force to reach dnnapi.com for the latest version of that visualizer with latest items based on defined criteria.

You can also delete selective cache for individual modules buy getting moduleid and putting it in the following query

select * from StructuredContent_Visualizers_RenderResult where ModuleId = <moduleid>

note: after performing this you need to clear your cache in persona-bar > settings > servers


Product: DNN

Article By: Hamid Waqas‍ 



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