Site Search is returning a deleted Template Page


A Template Page is wrongly appearing in the web site search results, although it cannot be found to be deleted or withdrawn from the search. Error 404 (Page Not Found) is displayed when the user clicks the page link returned by the site search. 

When logged in as Host and in Edit Mode, there is no Settings option in the Persona bar and the page is not located in the Pages directory to be edited.


Some manual update or a flaw during edition of the page might put it on a wrong condition. There are some ways to prevent this problem from happening:

  1. Include the TabId of that specific template to be prevented from being indexed in your Booster Search module
  2. Remove the template from your PersonaBar by going to Manage>Templates by clicking the Delete button
  3. From the Database, set the "IsDeleted" flag to be true - page should still be stored but hidden and delete flag might be improperly set, which made the template page appear in the search results

Then re-index the contents by following the steps documented at link

Product: Evoq Content v.9.1.1



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