Edit Global Resource Content

Overview: There might be times when the user wants to edit the content of a site. They may want to make a change because they either found a mistake or they want to update their content. 

Environment: The steps below can be performed in versions prior to 9.x

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Log into your DNN site.
  2. Go to Control Bar > Admin > LanguagesStep2.JPG
  3. Click on the edit pencil, for the System part of the Language you are using.step3.JPG
  4. When the page loads, from the left side, expand the Menu and go to Global Resources > GlobalResources.step4.JPG
  5. Press CTRL+F to find the text you are looking for (in this case "register").step5.JPG
  6. On the right side, in the Localized Value, change the text according to your preferences.
  7. When the full text is edited, press Save Resource File.step7.JPG

Confirmation: You should be able to see the text you changed in the text box (Step 5).

Related Information:  

  • In versions above 9.x the steps are the same, however, the feature is found under Persona Bar > Site Settings > Languages.
  • The user's Display Name, email, Site Name and Site Alias are not static and are read from the database depending on how you had these fields setup on your site.

Content Author: Radu Vaduva‍ 




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