Getting started with your first Liquid Content items

Product: DNN

Version:  9.1.0

Component: Micro Services



Customer is using DNN Evoq Content 9.1.0 and they are trying to use the Liquid Content feature in the website.


Here you will find a couple of short instructional videos to help in getting started with the first Liquid Content items (Type, Item, Visualizer).

  1. We are going to begin by creating our first Content Type (News) as shown in the video example I have created here. Please note this is only an example, you will have to customize this to meet your specific needs or look.
  2. Second, we are going to create the first Content Items (News Articles) as shown in this second video example, here. As in the case of the example above, further customization will be needed to meet a customer's specific requirements.
  3. Third, we need to create the List and Detail visualizers to add them onto a page. The pagination needs to be incorporated in the visualizer’s footer or header. In the video example, you will see how it is included in the footer of the visualizer, follow these steps:
    1. Open the visualizer that you would like to include paging on
    2. Select the Footer or the Header (in the video example we select the footer)
    3. When in the Header or Footer click (CTRL + Space) then select "Basic Pagination"
  4. The List visualizer will display a list of all news articles.
  5. Next, here is the video for the Detail visualizer (which will display a single news item and all its details).
  6. The last part is adding your Visualizers to a page and choosing how to display them. An example can be seen here.


Note: Customer will need to add their own styling, which depends on how they'll want the items to be displayed.

The example detailed above is merely an implementation of the basic framework, remember that we don't do custom development for our customers, we only provide them with the resources to accomplish the desired aim.






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