Using the Digital Asset Management (DAM) module with EVOQ 9.0 and above


The Digital Asset Management (DAM) module was removed from clean installations of EVOQ 9.0 and above due to the deprecation of Telerik. The replacement is the Assets functionality in the Persona Bar. If you would still like to use the DAM with a new EVOQ 9.0+ instance, this article will provide the files and procedure for installation.

There are two pieces of functionality in the DAM that haven't yet been transferred over to Assets which, if you need them, may require you use DAM:

  • Users cannot list the assets contained on a given page
  • Default folders are not retained between sessions in Assets



  1. Download the DAM extension.
  2. Download the latest Telerik Package (Patched DLL) -
  3. With your SuperUser/Admin account, login to your EVOQ instance.
  4. Install the DAM extension and Telerik Package (HotFix) by following the Third party extension installation knowledgebase article. 
  5. Download the file. 
  6. Unzip the fileYou should have the following file after the unzip process is completed: 

    - DotNetNuke.Web.Deprecated.dll
  7. Copy the unzipped file into the <WebsiteRootDirectory>/bin directory of your server.
  8. Restart your IIS/Application.
  9. Verify that the DAM module is working properly by creating a new page and adding the DAM module on it. 



To test that the DAM module has been installed correctly for Evoq 9+:

  1. Go to any page and enter edit mode.
  2. Add the DAM module to the page.

If there are any errors, please try the steps above again.



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