How to force SSL across all pages


There is a way to force SSL for all current pages with one SQL query which will cut down on the time spent manually enabling SSL on each page. 

In versions prior to 9.1.1, when SSL is in use on a DNN instance, newly created pages are not automatically set to force SSL; you must enable the SSL enforced setting in this case


Requirements: SuperUser/Host access to the DNN portal

NOTE: The following instructions are for DNN 9.0+. For earlier versions, the path to the SQL console is Host > Advanced Settings > SQL.

1. Log in to your DNN instance. 

2. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > SQL Console.


2. Run the following query:

UPDATE Tabs SET IsSecure = 1 WHERE IsSecure =0​

3. Clear your cache.

4. Validate that the changes have saved by navigating to Manage > Pages

5. Select a recently created page from the left page tree.

6. Click on the Advanced tab.

7. Click on the More sub-tab.

8. If successful, Secure Connection should be set to On.


9. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Security.







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    Lewis Hill

    If you configure SSL for a page and go to the Persona Bar > Users > Profile Settings then the profile setting is no longer visible.

    From any page that does not have SSL enabled, I can access the user profile settings.

    The work around is to have a page that does not use SSL to update user profiles.

    We would like to have SSL on all the site pages.

    I hope this is fixed in the next DNN release.

    Note: The support case was 309732 and DNN support was able to recreate the issue on their servers.

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    Lewis Hill

    Turning off SSL Enforced resolved the issue... the user profile is HTTP... mixed content.

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