How to quickly delete multiple log records


Is there a quick way to delete a large amount of logs at once?


Definitely, there is a way where you can run a SQL query to delete a group of logs from a table. The table name where the logs are stored is "EventLog" and you can see all your records by executing the query below:

select * from EventLog order by LogCreateDate ASC

This query above is showing everything in your logs sorted/ordered by ascending order (where you will see records from older to newer ones). However, If you have millions of records, then we would recommend you to execute something like the query below as the one above might take forever to retrieve such a huge data:

select top X * from EventLog

Where you can replace X with the exact number of records you want to see (example. select top 1000 *  from EventLog)

Then, you can delete that X number by executing the query below:

Note: We strongly recommend to make a backup before running this query. 

delete top (X) from EventLog

Note: If you don't have access to your Database server, you can use our SQL Console feature available under Settings > SQL Console from the PersonaBar.

Now, you will have your old X records deleted from the DB.



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