Page names are truncated on the Page Management Interface


After upgrading to EVOQ 9.2 the page management interface is difficult to navigate because page names are truncated when there are multiple levels in the "Page three". 


This is a custom change in presentation of pages tree view. Usually, page interface is set to capture 30% of the left part of the screen and the rest of the area is designated for Page properties. 

Below there is a workaround to change the display percentage for the page interface. 

Please add following lines to DesktopModules\Admin\Dnn.PersonaBar\Modules\Dnn.Pages\css\Pages.css

.tree-container .dnn-persona-bar-treeview {width: 100% !important; max-width:100% !important;}
.tree-container .dnn-persona-bar-treeview .scrollarea {width:100% !important;}
.tree-container .dnn-persona-bar-treeview .scrollarea .scrollarea-content  {width:100% !important;}

This change will shift properties panel below Pages tree view so that you can have extra space for page depths and therefore page names are not truncated. 



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