Problem changing URL from custom to default


You would like a page's URL to reflect the page's name, but it is instead set to a fixed custom URL that you are unable to change.


Normally, administrators can set a custom URL for a page using Page Settings > Advanced (tab) > S.E.O. (tab) > +Add URL. When the administrator deletes all the page's custom URLs from the S.E.O. tab, the page will revert to the default setting that generates a URL based on the page name.

However, custom URLs generated by the system cannot be deleted through the user interface and will continue to override the default setting.


To remove system-generated custom URLs, run the following queries in Settings > SQL Console:

  1. To find the TabId for the page, run:

    SELECT * FROM Tabs

  2. To make sure this is the right page and URLs to remove, run:

    SELECT * FROM TabUrls WHERE TabId = 485

  3. Once you have verified these are the correct URLs to clear, run the following:

    DELETE FROM TabUrls WHERE TabId = 485

Once this is completed, go to Settings > Servers and clear the cache. This will temporarily cause a slight delay for users while the cache is rebuilt.

The page should now be using the URL based on its name. Test this by changing the page name setting and observing whether the URL changes accordingly. Revert to the previous name after testing.


Environment: DNN 7.x or newer

Content Author: Manuel Gonzales



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