Third-party extension installation


For OnDemand EVOQ customers (hosted by us)

If you need to have a third-party component installed for your On Demand EVOQ instance, please contact DNN support and be sure to include a link to the necessary feature. We will download, install, and test on your instance and follow up with you once everything is verified in working order.

For EVOQ download customers hosting on their own servers:

The following process must be done with a host/super user account

1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Extensions

2. Click on Install Extension.


3. Upload the zip file containing the extension package.


Informational pages will be displayed one after the other:

  • Package Information includes the extension's version and description as well as information about the creator.
  • Release Notes display what's new in the current release of that extension.
  • License shows the creator's license terms. Accept the license to continue. 
  • Package Installation Report displays a log of actions performed during the installation.

4. Verify that the newly installed extension appears in the list under the Installed Extensions tab.



Please keep in mind that editing or creating modules is outside the scope of DNN support as is recommending third-party products. The best place to research and find qualified modules is


If you believe that an issue with module installation or functionality is being directly caused by the DNN framework, please contact DNN support. While troubleshooting modules alone is generally outside the scope of our support we will certainly analyze the problem to see if it is indeed being caused by DNN and then work on an appropriate fix.




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