Customer accidentally moved the blog page under the admin


Customer accidentally moved the blog page under the admin and don’t know how to get it out, since it's not listed on the pages list.


This issue can be fixed by following few steps through the backend/SQL Server. (If you don't have access to it, then from your Persona Bar, you can go to Settings > SQL Console to write down and execute queries):

  • Execute the query below in order to get/know the exact TabID of the "Blogs" page that you want to adjust
    select * from Tabs
  • Update the parent_id of the Blog tab to NULL, allowing it to be at the top of the menu. If you don't want to move the blog to the top, just update the value with the correct parent_id [for safety, please create a backup of the table before any updates]:
    update Tabs set ParentId = NULL where TabID=[TabID of the Blogs page you got from the query above]

Note: When you run the first query, you will see the ParentId column is not set to null but a different value which is an ID for Admin page (as currently, it is a child of the Admin page).


Credit: Michael Ayoub

Product: DNN 9.1.1



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