How to configure the Root folder for Browser

How to configure the Root folder for Browser-Modus: Link to be the site root folder:

  1. To set the entire/main DNN folder as the root directory, then right click on the main folder and properties

  2. Click on the "Sharing" tab, then click "Advanced Sharing"

  3. Check/Select the "Share this Folder" option and click "Ok"

  4. Go back to the Sharing tab again with a "Network Path" to be saved in a notepad since it will be used on the site

  5. Click on "Share" button, then add the necessary permissions, make sure to set the permission to be "Read and Write" not only read, then click Share

  6. A popup window will appear. Select Yes to confirm the folder has been shared, then click Done, then close.

  7. Go to Content > Assets, then Select main DNN 911 main root folder > then Add Folder button at the top

  8. Write down any desired name that will appear in the directory list for CKE files and folders. Make sure to select the type to be "UNC", then leave the Mapped Path as is then hit Save ( *Make sure to sync that folder to load all files and folders inside it by clicking on the sync icon after opening the folder in DNN Assets)

  9. Go to DNN site, go to Settings > Connectors

  10. Scroll all the way down to the end of the Connectors page to "UNC" connector and click Connect

  11. Paste the path that was copied earlier to a shared folder to appear in our Directory and then Save

  12. Go to Settings > Site Settings > Site Behavior > More > Open HTML Editor Manager button as we did before to change the main directory 

  13. Finally, find the new folder that has been mapped being listed either in "Browser Root Folder" or "Default Upload Folder" drop-down menu to select it as a default root folder.

Congratulations! The customized folder has been set as the root directory for CKEditor.


To be able to synchronize those files:

  1. Go to Settings > Security > More (tab) > More security settings (tab below "More" tab) 

  2. At the end of this page, see all allowed extensions that can be used in DNN separated by comma. Those can be added to be verified.


Credits: Michael Ayoub

Also check: Setting root directory for File Browser in CKE editor





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