Activate License Using Automatic Activation


You can activate a DNN license using Automatic Activation by using the steps listed in this article. This process makes use of the DNN licensing web service to process automatic activation.



  • Log in to the instance with your Superuser/Host account.
  • Invoice number(s) sent to you in an email after your purchase. Each license has its own invoice number (e.g., INV00x-1, INV00x-2, INV00x-3). If you are unable to find the required information, contact Customer Support.

  • Email Address associated with each invoice.

  • You may need to modify your firewall settings to allow a query to the DNN licensing web service:




  1. In the Persona Bar, navigate to Settings > About.


  2. If this is a license renewal with the same invoice number, click [ renew ]. Otherwise, click Add License.


  3. Fill in the required information. 


    • Select the License Type from the list:

      • Production (default)

      • Staging

      • Failover

      • Test

      • Development

      IMPORTANT: The selected License Type must match the license type of the invoice you are using. Staging, Failover, Test, and Development licenses are collectively called as Non-Production license, and often needs to be purchased separately. Double-check your quote/invoice to confirm.

    • Web Server: This is pre-filled with the server name stored in the WebServers table of the current site's database.

    • Enter the Account Email and Invoice Number associated with your license.

  4. Click Automatic Activation.


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