Activating License Manually


This article details the process of activating a DNN license manually when the application needs a valid license.



To activate a license, you need the following:

  • Login to your Superuser/Host account.
  • Invoice number(s) sent to you in an email after your purchase. Each license has its own invoice number (e.g., INV00x-1, INV00x-2, INV00x-3). If you are unable to find the required information, contact Customer Support.

  • Email Address associated with each invoice.




  1. In the Persona Bar, navigate to Settings > About.


  2. Click Add License.


  3. Fill in the required information.


    • Select the License Type from the list. The license type can be:

      • Production (default)

      • Staging

      • Failover

      • Test

      • Development

      IMPORTANT: The selected License Type must match the license type of the invoice you are using. Staging, Failover, Test, and Development licenses are collectively called as Non-Production license, and often needs to be purchased separately. Double-check your quote/invoice to confirm.  

    • The Web Server name is pre-filled with the server name stored in the WebServers table of the current site's database. Make sure that this is the correct server name for your environment. You can find this out by hovering over the top left Evoq logo under Server Name while you're logged in as a Superuser.

    • Enter the Account Email and Invoice Number associated with your license.

  4. Click Manual Activation


  5. Get and submit an activation key.



    Tip: If your server does not have access to the Internet, you can access the DNN Professional License Request page on from another machine and transfer the keys through a local network or a secure flash drive.


    1. Click Request an activation key on to open the Professional License Request page.

    2. Copy the encoded server ID from the Evoq dialog to the Request License form.

    3. Click Generate Activation Key.

    4. Copy the generated activation key from the Request License form to the Evoq Activation Key textbox.

    5. Click Submit Activation Key.


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